Peace Pipe

Palmetto 2086 (2002)

Third Rail
Slap Happy

Peace Pipe

Ben Allison – Bass
Mamadou Diabate – Kora
Michael Blake – Saxophones
Frank Kimbrough – Piano
Mike Sarin – Drums
Peter Apfelbaum – Saxophones
Tomas Ulrich – Cello

All compositions by Ben Allison, except Dakan (Mamadou Diabate), Goin' Back (Neil Young)

  1. Third Rail
  2. Slap Happy
  3. Peace Pipe
  4. Dakan
  5. Goin' Back
  6. Disposable Genius
  7. Music is Music
  8. Realization
  9. Mantra
  1. George Steel says:

    great stuff, guys…love the sax and the kora

  2. Duffy Nightingale says:

    Love it! Disposable Genius. Yeah!! Makes me wanna play music so bad….

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