9 ThinkFree

Palmetto 2140 (2009)

Kramer v.s Kramer vs. Godzilla

Think Free

Ben Allison – Bass
Jenny Scheinman – Violin
Shane Endsley – Trumpet
Steve Cardenas – Guitar
Rudy Royston – Drums

All compositions by Ben Allison

  1. Fred
  2. Platypus
  3. Broke
  4. Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Godzilla
  5. Sleeping Giant
  6. Peace Pipe
  7. vs. Godzilla
  8. Green Al
  1. idaiheisoku says:

    “You’re a creative genius!” (via YouTube)

  2. HuppHuppHupp says:

    “Ben is incredible, amazing composer.” (via Last.fm)

  3. fae959 says:

    “I bought my first BA record from him personally at the Kush, a (then) great hangout at the lower east side, nyc, run by himself, where he used to play sunday nights with michael blake in his trio. great memories.” (via Last.fm)

  4. Djeezes says:

    I love “Fred” (via Last.fm)

  5. nutmegdesigns says:

    “This is wonderful! I just used the CD as inspiration while drawing a bookmark” (via YouTube)

  6. Mark Lough says:

    Step outside the corral of your stored memory of melodies. Set aside notions of rhythm patterns, of how music ought to sound, and feel.
    Go ahead and go the someplace else this music takes you.

  7. PaulfromtheWest says:

    Man they really poured their hearts into this whole performance. I am in awe. (via YouTube)

  8. unclejunglebass says:

    sounds like some ennio morricone! awesome. (via YouTube)

  9. James West says:

    Ben Allison is one of the answers to the question “Well if Jazz is not dead, can you name someone whose music proves that point?”. Merging jazz, rock, folk, country, with a little of everything else thrown in for good measure, Allison is not so much redefining as he is simply continuing to do what jazz has always done – take the existing and create the possible. This song has a driving rhythm, soaring brass, and a funky, Nashville-like , country violin thing being put down by Jenny Scheinman (via YouTube)

    • fabtrain says:

      I’m completely agree, Ben Allison has has a wonderful (and innovative) style. Live is so amazing….  (via YouTube)

  10. Triplet Tam says:

    What a beautiful song. (via YouTube)

  11. Kiso says:

    Thanx for your music!

    Greetings from Cabo Verde

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