The Stars Look Very Different Today

Sonic Camera Records (2013)

With his 11th genre-bending album, Ben continues his outward expansion, mashing references to the intersecting worlds of science and film. All songs produced, composed, arranged and mixed by Ben, making this his most personal to date.

Be sure to choose “source audio” from the pull down menu when choosing the digital album to receive the full 24-bit “Studio Master” version.

Ben Allison – bass
Steve Cardenas – guitar
Brandon Seabrook – guitar, banjo
Allison Miller – drums

  1. D.A.V.E. (Digital Awareness Vector Emulator)
  2. Dr. Zaius
  3. The Ballad of Joe Buck
  4. Neutron Star
  5. No Other Side
  6. Kick It, Man
  7. Swiss Cheese D
  8. Improvisus

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