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Quiet Revolution

“Group chemistry is at an apex here.” — JazzTimes

Quiet Revolution is intimate and highly conversational in tone — a ‘musical trialogue,’ where group interplay is the focus.”

Quiet Revolution is the debut album by The Easy Way, a trio featuring Ted Nash (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Steve Cardenas (acoustic guitar) and Ben Allison (bass). The group is modeled after the drummerless trios led by legendary multi-reed player Jimmy Giuffre in the 1950s and 60s. The album was originally released on vinyl by Newvelle Records in 2016 but has been remixed and remastered by Ben in stunning high resolution, and is now available as a CD, and in 320k mp3 and 24 bit FLAC formats on Sonic Camera Records.

Quiet Revolution features compositions by Jim Hall and Jimmy Giuffre, along with three originals inspired by their music and a theme by film composer Alex North. Two of the tracks are released here for the first time.

Says Ben, “Both Jim Hall and Jimmy Giuffre wrote tunes that are perfect for having free-flowing conversations in the moment. Giuffre’s drummerless trios have always fascinated me. As jazz was becoming more abstract, expressionistic and at times bombastic, Giuffre and Hall were going in the opposite direction. They were envisioning quieter music that embraced the emerging elements of free playing, while maintaining blues-based folk qualities. This music has a unique kind of sophisticated simplicity that has stood the test of time.”