Layers of the City - FLAC


Layers of the City - FLAC

  1. Magic Number

  2. Enter the Dragon

  3. Ghost Ship

  4. Layers of the City

  5. The Detective’s Wife

  6. Blowback

  7. Get Me Offa this Thing

Jeremy Pelt(trumpet), Steve Cardenas(guitar), Frank Kimbrough(piano), Ben Allison(electric & acoustic bass), Allan Mednard(drums).

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On his new album, Layers of the City, Ben & Think Free forge a group sound that’s greater than the sum of its parts. With a focus on melody, groove and texture in equal measures, Ben and the band engage in the kind of group interplay that has become a hallmark of their style.

“Bassist, composer, and bandleader Ben Allison is one of the most deliberate and focused figures in jazz, a musician who conveys a clear-cut conception in everything he does.” — Chicago Reader

Layers of the City is all Allison, all the time..[it’s] a winner.”  — NYC Jazz Record