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Quiet Revolution Cover.jpg

Quiet Revolution Pre-order


Previously available only on vinyl, Quiet Revolution has been remixed and remastered in stunning, high resolution. Conversational and intimate, this is small group interplay at its best. 

CDs will ship in Fall, 2018. Your pre-order will help fund the production of the CD. The album will also be available in 24/88 FLAC and 320k mp3 formats. Thank you for your support!

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For this project, Ben teamed up with tenor saxophonist/clarinetist Ted Nash and guitarist Steve Cardenas to form a group modeled after the 1960's era drummerless trios of Jimmy Giuffre. The album features compositions by Jim Hall, Jimmy Giuffre and Alex North, along with original tunes inspired by their music. It's conversational, small group interplay at its best.


  1. Move It (Jim Hall)

  2. Careful (Jim Hall)

  3. All Across the City (Jim Hall)

  4. The Train and the River (Jimmy Giuffre)

  5. Waltz New (Jim Hall)

  6. Bimini (Jim Hall)

  7. Lookin’ Up (Jim Hall)

  8. Pony Express (Jimmy Giuffre)

  9. Sleeping Tiger (Ben Allison)

  10. The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction (Ted Nash)

  11. Balata (Steve Cardenas)

  12. The Love Theme from Spartacus (Alex North)