Ben Allison Band Records New CD, Due Out April 12

In early December, Ben hit the studio to record his 10th CD as a leader. His band of stellar improvisers includes Jason Lindner (analog synth and piano), Steve Cardenas (guitar), Michael Blake (tenor sax and bass clarinet), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), and Rudy Royston (drums).

For this CD, the focus was on covers. Ben's reputation as a composer is, by now, well established. But he is equally at home reconstructing other people's music and took this opportunity to disassemble and rewire tunes by a diverse group of musicians, including Donny Hathaway, Samuel Barber, PJ Harvey, The Carpenters, Thelonious Monk, and Neil Young.

The CD is set for release on April 12. Please check Ben’s site for news and preview tracks as they become available.